Hidden Rock Ranch

2006 WFQHA World Show

2006 WFQHA world show

In Hand Trail Pictures:

(sorry they are so blurry, but digital cameras are not the greatest indoors.)

First ground work.and then trot over the logs to:

The Slicker, sack him out and then trot to the trailer, load and unload;


Then walk over the pole to the cones and :

back in a figure eight... from this cone, to the cone over by the trailer!
Also, see the pole in the picture, only two horses got over that all day without knocking it down:
One riding a trail pattern and Rockey! Even the judges clapped.

Trot to the Gate, go thru gate and trot to the Bridge and poles:


Walk over the bridge and poles then back thru the L and:



do a pivot on the forehand to the right.
Waiting for placings:


I think Rockey enjoys these challenges as much as I do..we won the class,
and the goal is to repeat in the Jr. Trail class next year!.

2-3 yr old Stallion Halter class was the next day, and we got a 3th place call from the first judge:

And then a 2st place call from the second judge, and ended up Reserve Grand in the class.

I'm very pleased where we placed, they were all very good horses, and he was being squirl and not standing properly.
That is how I ended up with these two beautiful ribbons, and a Champion buckle!