Hidden Rock Ranch

2004 AQHA #4635649, ABRA T-17614, FQHR #21154;

2013 stud fee: $400

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Cornell Tested: Herda N/N
Animal Genetics Tested: GBED N/N
Animal Genetics Tested: PSSM N/N
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The Stone Cutter- Reserve Grand Champion Stallion 2006 FQHR Round Up

I Got Lucky

Every once in a while, you get lucky. You go to breeders. You look at hundreds of horses. You have something specific in mind. Then one catches your eye. Not exactly what you were looking for, but you can stop thinking about him. So you buy him. And you get him home, and find out what he is REALLY like. With Rockey, I got lucky.

I've never had a stud that liked to get out and show. Never had a stud that people thought was a gelding. Never had a stud that is proving to consistantly stamp his get with the qualities I was hoping he would pass on.

When I think about how easy he is to get along with, it chokes me up, because even the good ones don't come close to how nice this horse is to work with.

I was on a mission to find my perfect APHA stud and I did the right thing, listened to my heart, and bought Rockey instead.

I Got Lucky

The Stone Cutter

Sugar King Bartender

Two ID Bartender

Two Eyed Jack

My Sugar Susie

My Sugar King

Via Boston Cutter

Boston Charmer

Boston Mac

Starbert C Mae

Cutters Tommy

Accomplishments of horses in his pedigree:

Two ID Bartender World Champion, \'83 Open Heading, \'83 Open Heeling, Top Ten World Show, \'83 10th O Jr WCH, Superior Performance, AQHA Champion, ROM Performance, Total Points Earned: 183, Halter Points: 19, Perf Points: 164
Two Eyed Jack AQHA Champion, Superior Halter, AQHA Hall of Fame. Sire of AQHA Champions, Youth Champions, Super Horse winner, World Champions, Youth World Champions, Superior and ROM earners.
Boston Charmer World Champion, ABRA; Reserve World Champion, ABRA; Superior Halter, ABRA; AQHA Reserve High Point Halter Horse, ABRA. Sire of: World Champion Offspring, ABRA Reserve World Champion Offspring, ABRA; Superior Performance Offspring, ABRA; ROM Performance Offspring, AQHA - WP; NSBA Money-earners
Boston Mac SI-91, 16-3-4-1, $24,279. H-90, AQHA Superior Halter Horse, AQHA Champion.
Sire of: AQHA Champs, Race $ earners, $78,803, ROM Halter, ROM Perf, Race ROM, Perf Point Ernrs, Halter Point Ernr.
Cutter Bill NCHA earnings of over $36,000 AQHA Champion, Superior Cutting Horse, Performance ROM, NCHA WORLD CHAMPION 1962, PHBA Hall of Fame, 1962 AQHA High Point Cutting Horse
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